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Services Overview

  • Medical Billing Services
    As a medical billing company, Collect Technology steps in to solve your billing problems and billing issues with absolute ease and professionalism. We liaise with you, the medical fraternity (all healthcare providers, clinics, multi-care specialties, physicians and doctors), and insurance companies to submit medical bills and claim settlements with the appropriate medical codes for quick and full reimbursements.

  • Pending AR Payment and Collection Services
    Collect Technology gives utmost importance to the financial health of any medical practice which depends upon the status and effectiveness of accounts receivables. ARs refer to the money that is due to the doctor or physician by the insurance companies for medical services. Once the Medical coding and billing process are completed and the claims are submitted to the insurance companies, then the process of collection sets in, and the claim money is referred to as accounts receivables.

  • Medical Coding Services
    Medical coding is the first and most important phase in the process of claim settlements. At Collect Technology, this process is initiated by certified medical coders who assign designated and accurate medical codes to the medical treatment provided to a patient in a doctor's clinic, outpatient facility or ambulatory surgical center (ASC).